Strategic Priorities

  • Youth Programme - To fulfill the needs and aspirations of young people by offering them attractive, innovative and challenging programme through their involvement in decision making so as to make them responsible adults/citizen
  • Growth - To increase overall membership by 10% annually with the aim of strengthening the weaker sections
  • Finance - To improve the Financial Status with optimum use of existing assets, exploring and developing new areas of finance generation
  • Adult Resources - To improve the competencies of adult leaders so that they can better serve the needs of the young people and the organization.

Camping by Scout Students at Bharat Scouts and Guides

  • Manangement - To improve the overall organizational management of Bharat Scouts and Guides so as to be responsive to the changes in the environment.
  • Communication & Public Relations - To develop an effective and efficient communication System internally and externally at all levels and to enhance the image and visibility of Bharat Scouts and Guides


Six Challenges :

Six challenges were identified at the Durban Conference and need to be addressed to achieve our mission are:

  • Relevance: meeting the needs and aspirations of young people.
  • Complementary nature: focusing on the distinctive contribution Scouting can make to the education of young people, particularly through the Scout Method.
  • Membership: reaching out to more young people.
  • Adults: attracting and retaining the adults we need.
  • Relationships and partnerships: working with others to better serve young people.
  • Unity: pursuing a common purpose at all levels.


The Three Strategic Areas:

The six challenges provide three broad areas of work:

  • Young People: encompassing the challenges on Relevance, Complementary nature and Membership in order to bring better Scouting to more young people, especially adolescents.
  • Adults: encompassing the challenge on Adults: attracting and retaining the adults we need, with an emphasis on the concept of volunteering.
  • Structures and Systems: encompassing the challenge on Relationships and partnerships - which recognises the need to work with others to serve young people - and the challenge on Unity: pursuing a common purpose at all levels. Work in this strategic area should lead to an increase in the overall effectiveness of the Movement.


Pearls of Wisdom

  • A boy on joining wants to begin Scouting right away.
  • A fisherman does not bait his hook with food he likes. He uses food the fish likes. So with boys.
  • Scouting is a man’s job cut down to a boy’s size.
  • Scouting is a game for boys under the leadership of boys under the direction of a man.

Strategic Priorities

  • Youth Programme
  • Growth
  • Finance
  • Adult Resources
  • Management
  • Communication & Public Relations