Progressive Programme Ideals

Cub/Bulbul Section

By the time a boy/girl completes the full course of the Cub/Bulbul programme, he/she will be able to:-

  • Develop habits which lead to good character.
  • Put in efforts of learning directed towards good citizenship.
  • Learn practical skills essential to become a good Scout/Guide and a good boy/girl in general.
  • Undertaking activities which contribute to his all round development.
  • Do a daily Goodturn.
  • Develop fascination for the beauties of nature and awareness of God.
  • Express him/her in creative skills.
  • Collect things of his/her interest and preserve them properly.
  • Develop sense of respect for elders and love for youngsters in the family and neighbourhood and find ways of such expressions with a spirit of cooperation.
  • Satisfy his/her need for adventure.
  • Inculcate a feeling of appreciation for family traditions be of religious, social or ancestral character and make attempts to follow them.
  • Understand the need of conserving God’s creation and the public properties.
  • Obey elders and follow their advises even in their absence.
  • Know about his State, People and Culture.

Scout/Guides Section

By the time a boy/irl completes the full course of the Scout/Guide programme, he/she will be able to:-

  • Develop his/her character to become healthy and useful.
  • Accept and follow the rudiments of good citizenship.
  • Undertake practices and improve skills essential to become self-reliant and prepare himself to use them for helping others.
  • Undertake collective activities and challenges which contribute for his/her all round development.
  • Be aware of his/her capacities and use them in service to the community.
  • Improve his/her skills observation to appreciate the wonders of nature and develop a sense of and express reverence to God by worshipping him.
  • Make things useful for others.
  • Realize that public property is his/her property as well and attempt to look after it.
  • Identify himself/herself as an integral part of his community and realize his duty to country.
  • Improve further Scouting/Guiding skills to undertake Adventurous activities and develop love for nature.
  • Understand our national heritage and culture and determine to keep them up.
  • Undertake individual and collective practices to conserve natural resources and prepare to educate others in this respect.
  • Develop qualities of a dynamic leader and participate doing his/her best effectively in all leadership opportunities made available to him.
  • Study about his/her country and people and contribute for the cause of National Integration.

Rover/Ranger Section

By the time a young man/woman completes the full course of the Rover/Ranger programme, he will be able to:-

  • Make Scouting/Guiding a way of life.
  • Become an active and participating citizen.
  • Improve skills, vocational and otherwise, to be self-dependent and useful to others.
  • Emerge as a practical person who has respect for himself/herself and for others and their experiences.
  • Realize that he/she has a responsibility in the development of his/her community and undertake Community Development Projects, individually and collectively.
  • Lead a refined religious life in service of Man and God.
  • Select a right partner for a life of full understanding and adjustment and lead a harmonious life.
  • Do all his/her best to protect public property.
  • Prepare himself to do his duty to country and develop love for Universal Brotherhood/Sisterhood i.e. Peace and Goodwill among Human beings.
  • Develop a positive attitude to undertake considerable risks for others making the full use of his Rovering/Rangering skills.
  • Work for the upkeep of our National heritage and culture with love for human values.
  • Promote and participate in the developmental activities pertaining to National priorities like national integration, Population education, conservation, Adult literacy and sanitation.
  • Become a strategic leader who loves to grow with the group.
  • Have fair understanding of the World Affairs in general.


Pearls of Wisdom

  • A boy on joining wants to begin Scouting right away.
  • A fisherman does not bait his hook with food he likes. He uses food the fish likes. So with boys.
  • Scouting is a man’s job cut down to a boy’s size.
  • Scouting is a game for boys under the leadership of boys under the direction of a man.

Strategic Priorities

  • Youth Programme
  • Growth
  • Finance
  • Adult Resources
  • Management
  • Communication & Public Relations