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Welcome to Meghalaya Bharat Scouts and Guides

The Bharat Scouts and Guides in Meghalaya started at the first meeting held on 19-8-1972 under the Chairmanship of the then Education Minister Shri D.D. Pugh, when the state became full-fledged, along with some enthusiastic who stress the importance of starting the Movement in our state. The office started in November, 1972 in the office chamber of the then Inspector of Schools at Mawkhar, Shillong. Since then, the Association has been functioning very well under the Education Department. It has made tremendous progress in quality as well as in quantity.

Pearls of Wisdom

  • A boy on joining wants to begin Scouting right away.
  • A fisherman does not bait his hook with food he likes. He uses food the fish likes. So with boys.
  • Scouting is a man’s job cut down to a boy’s size.
  • Scouting is a game for boys under the leadership of boys under the direction of a man.

Strategic Priorities

  • Youth Programme
  • Growth
  • Finance
  • Adult Resources
  • Management
  • Communication & Public Relations

Milestones of World Scouting

  • 2008: Kazakhstan's National Scout Organization..
  • 2007: Gifts for Peace project presents more than 120 ..
  • 2006: New World Scout Brand launched in October...
  • 2005: World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM)..