Pearls of wisdom

 “A boy on joining wants to begin Scouting right away.”
Words from the President of Meghalaya Bharat Scouts & Guides
W M S Pariat, IAS

Having taken over recently as the President of the Meghalaya Bharat Scouts & Guides, I had tried to find out about the origin of the Scouts and Guides in brief.

The Bharat Scouts & Guides was formed in a mission mode with a vision to achieve a specific purpose, which was to contribute to the development of young people in achieving their full physical, social and spiritual as individuals, as responsible citizens and as members of the local, national and international communities.

I wish to congratulate all my fellow members in this Movement, on the occasion of the Centenary of the Girl Guides worldwide and the sisters in the country. My association with the Movement in the state has given me great joy and satisfaction of the great deeds that this Movement has given to the young people of the state. I feel that the resourcefulness of the youth should be given a right tune so that it benefits the state and the country.

To every young member I wanted to say that you give your best as given in the Promise and take your chances to whatever happens in your life as an experience to learn and evolve. Be your best self when things do not go the way you wanted it to be.

To every Scoutmaster, Guide Captain and numerous Leaders; I wanted to thank you for your great work and putting others before self. You made a great sacrifice when you chose to lead the young boys and girls of this Movement instead of your own children and leaving them to the care of others. I feel that this act of yours will not go unrewarded when you will be facing your Creator after this life.

To all the Commissioners of this Movement, I not only express my thanks but my great satisfaction in the efforts they have put to see that this Movement survive through another Centenary. The moral support that you have given to the grassroots Leaders is commendable and we hope that together we can still bring a lot more changes in the lives of the youth as well as our fellow countrymen.

Dear beloved Bulbuls, Scouts/Guides, Rangers, Commissioners and friends, as a member of this movement, it is one's bounden duty and responsibility to adhere to the principles of this movement, follow its laws and maintain our promise so that together we will be able to achieve our purpose and contribute towards nation building. Let us always be prepared to do our best in the service of others and the country.

Jai Hind !

Sh. W. M. S. Pariat, IAS
Chief Secretary, Govt. of
Meghalaya Bharat Scouts &

Meghalaya Scouts and Guides