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 “A boy on joining wants to begin Scouting right away.”
About Us

The Bharat Scouts and Guides in Meghalaya started at the first meeting held on 19-8-1972 under the Chairmanship of the then Education Minister Shri D.D. Pugh, when the state became full-fledged, along with some enthusiastic who stress the importance of starting the Movement in our state. The office started in November, 1972 in the office chamber of the then Inspector of Schools at Mawkhar, Shillong. Since then, the Association has been functioning very well under the Education Department. It has made tremendous progress in quality as well as in quantity


They were the first:


  • STATE CHIEF COMMR.:- Shri N.K. Rustomji, ICS-Chief Secretary
  • STATE COMMR. (Scouts):- Md. Narul Islam, DPI
  • STATE COMMR. (Guides):- Smt. J. Adhikari,
  • STATE SECRETARY:- Shri L.K. Sailo--Scout Master



The National Association is a registered society under Act XXI of 1860. The state Association is affiliated to the National Association. It is either sponsored by the Youth & Sports or Education Departments of the State Government. The management of the affairs of the Bharat Scouts and Guides is entrusted to the State Council and State Executive Committee constituted in accordance to the Rules and Regulations of the Association.

 Building and Land:

We inherited the  State Headquarters Building from Assam, at Pine Mount-Ridge, Shillong, land measuring about 29, 000 sq. ft. with a building of 5 rooms, now expanding to 7 rooms, with a big kitchen and Choukidar's quarter. A multi-storeyed building is being constructed to house the new State Headquarters.


The State Training Centre at Umtyngar about 22 kms from Shillong on Cherrapunjee Road about 3 acres of land. The Centre has one very old hall, a store-room, a kitchen and Choukidar's quarters. The Centre can accommodate about 800 boys and girls at a time in tents.

MAHATMA GANDHI: “I pray that every home in India may have children trained like Scouts. " 
RAJENDRA PRASAD: -First President of India: - “It has always given me pleasure to see Scouts work for relief. I have found their work to be of a high order, inspired by the spirit of service and done with efficiency. I have no doubt that there is a great future for this Movement."

The Movement in India


The Boy Scout Movement  took  a start  in the  United Kingdom when   Lord  Baden   Powell   (Robert  Stephenson  Smyth Baden  Powell)  organised a  Scout  Camp  at   Brown sea  Island on 1907 and the 'Scouting for Boys' was published in 1908. The movement  spread quickly in United Kingdom and other countries of the world.

Scouting /Guiding in India before 1950:
The first Scout Troop in India, consisting of Indian Boys, was formed by a Scottish Missionary, in the  Central Provinces (present Madhya Pradesh) in 1908. However, the troop was disbanded in 1910. The common confirmed date, however, for the start of Scouting in India is 1909, when three troops for British boys were started at Bangalore, Kirkee and Jabalpur.

 This list of three Scout Troops increased to nine different Boy Scout Organisations in early 1911 in Shimla, Calcutta (present Kolkata), Jabalpur, Allahabad, Bangalore, Poona, Kirkee, Saidpur and Madras (present Chennai).
Efforts were made to merge all the Boy Scouts Organisations with the help and assistance of Lord Baden Powell in 1921. These efforts were partly successful. An endeavor was again made in 1937.  The Girl Guide movement got a start in India at Jabalpur (M.P.) In 1911. It expanded enormously. There were about 50 girl guide companies with a membership of over 1200 by 1915. There companies were directly registered with imperial scout headquarters, London, like other Scout organisation. But an All India Girl Guides Association was formed in 1916. Girl Guiding was restricted to British Girls till 1916.
Meghalaya Scouts and Guides